The Republic of Korea and the State of Israel established diplomatic relations on 10 April 1962. [223] [224] Israel opened its embassy in Seoul in April 1968, which was closed by the Israeli government in 1978. The embassy reopened in January 1992, with Korea opening its local embassy in Tel Aviv in December 1993. [223] Robbie Gramer, Colum Lynch, and Jack Detsch of Foreign Policy reconstruct U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo`s meetings in Khartoum earlier this year and describe his relentless pressure on Sudan to establish relations with Israel. Journalists are rarely able to obtain this level of detail in closed meetings. Their reports show that the United States was only willing to remove the designation of sponsor of Sudanese terrorism if it agreed to normalize relations with the Jewish state. There could also be a wider regional impact. In recent months, there has been a wave of diplomatic activity dealing with Saudi Arabia`s longstanding rivalry with its regional adversary, Iran. But now Iran – whose leader calls the UAE`s deal with Israel a “dagger unjustly struck by the UAE in the back of the Palestinian people and all Muslims” – has criticized Arab states that are not on the side of the Palestinians in this wave of violence. Mexico and Israel have maintained diplomatic relations since January 1950. Over the years, they have maintained close relationships with each other. In 2000, a free trade agreement was signed between the two countries.

Mexico has also bought weapons from Israel and is one of Israel`s closest allies in America. [350] They have saudi Arabia`s blessing, but Riyadh itself is not yet ready to sign on the dotted line. Donald Trump`s efforts are playing a major role in this change. The changing sands of Arab politics did the rest. The Gulf states and Israel have now found a common enemy in Iran. In July 2014, the Maldives under President Abdulla Yameen announced cooperation agreements with Israel and announced a boycott of Israeli products when Israel launched a military operation in Gaza. Foreign Minister Dunya Maumoon also announced that the Maldives would fully support the Palestinians and provide them with humanitarian assistance in international forums such as the United Nations Human Rights Council. [209] Donald Trump was busy in the last months of his presidency. On Thursday, the US president announced that Morocco had become the youngest country in the Middle East to agree to normalize relations with Israel. Morocco is the fourth country in the past four months to establish diplomatic relations with Israel.

The governments of the two countries also intend to cooperate in the high-tech, communications, health care and agriculture sectors, pursuing the positive development of tourism between the two countries and the sale of energy resources. Israel also intends to partner with Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece and Romania to create a regional crisis response group that will strengthen the partnership between these countries in the event of common security problems following a meeting between Avigdor Lieberman and Bulgarian Interior Minister Tsvetlin Yovchev in March 2014. [255] Cyprus plays an important role as a place where most Israeli couples enter into civil marriages because Cyprus is the closest country with good diplomatic relations with Israel that issues civil marriages. Israel does not issue civil marriages, only religious, with religious restrictions on marriage eligibility, and a recently passed law allows civil marriages in Israel on one condition: both individuals are non-Jewish residents of the state. However, Israel recognizes civil marriages issued abroad, with Cyprus being the largest source of simple civil marriage licenses. Already in December 1994, a Greek-Israeli cooperation agreement on military affairs was concluded (before the Turkish-Israeli agreement of February 1996); However, both sides refrained from activating the agreement. Greece apparently feared alienating the Arab world, while Israel did not want to upset the Turks. Greece and Israel agreed to hold joint naval exercises in late summer 1997, but these were postponed indefinitely by the Greeks.

The reason for the postponement was that the Greek navy was busy preventing infiltrations from Albania and could not save a frigate for the exercises. [275] Israel has maintained full diplomatic relations at peace with Jordan since the signing of the Israeli-Jordanian peace treaty in 1994, but relations remain somewhat strained. More than half of Jordan`s population is descended from Palestinian refugees, who have an extremely negative view of Israel. Since 2000 and due to numerous wars with Hezbollah, Israel has treated Lebanon as a “hostile state”[70], although it is considering the possibility of a non-aggression pact. Latvia and Israel established diplomatic relations on 6 January 1992. In October 2012, Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkēvičs called on Israeli officials to develop economic and trade contacts between the two countries and support Latvia`s membership of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Rinkevics also met with Israeli President Shimon Peres on behalf of President Berzins to visit Latvia. Rinkevics and Peres agreed that education and knowledge-based economies are crucial for the development of small countries, paving the way for our future cooperation between the two countries. [297] Regional security is also an important aspect. There are no official nuclear states in the region.

However, it is quite clear that both Israel and Iran could have nuclear weapons and that others are trying to acquire them; But until recently, the status quo meant there was no need to hurry. And now? It is understandable that both countries are primarily concerned about their neighbors and that the United States is still far away despite the good relations between Washington and the Arab states. Bouthaina Shaaban, the Syrian president`s political and media adviser, criticized the deal in her comments in the Al-Watan newspaper, saying secret relations between the UAE and Israel have existed for decades, but now they are revealing it publicly. She said there was nothing new in the deal and regretted that the Gulf states are hostile to Iran but want peace with Israel, which abhors Arab history and forcibly occupies Palestinian land. [98] According to Cohen`s estimates, some countries may soon officially announce agreements with Israel. . . .