An Amazon Flex driver typically earns between $18 and $25 per hour. You`ll also line up to qualify for special benefits that will give you purchasing power. We will come back to this later. Becoming an Amazon Flex driver is a great way to make extra money. You can save for the holidays or pay off your student loans. Or you can use the compensation you earn to achieve other financial goals. Make sure you have the right equipment that Amazon Flex drivers need, such as . B the right type of phone and car. You are responsible for your own vehicle expenses, including gasoline.

Drivers can deduct expenses if you file tax returns as an independent contractor. A driver does not earn money when driving from the delivery station to the delivery block. Keep this in mind when calculating your income and expenses. You can use the app to schedule your delivery orders. You can receive messages through the app while you are delivering. For example, drivers may receive messages about additional deliveries that have become available, especially with Amazon fresh and Prime Now (grocery order). Drivers must be at least 21 years old and present a valid driver`s license and social security number. Flex jobs involve more than just products sold through Amazon.

Amazon Flex drivers also deliver packages from orders on Prime Now (grocery orders), Amazon Fresh (household items), and in-store orders. You can choose how much time you spend on work. Amazon Flex drivers are independent contractors. You choose delivery “time blocks” when they are available to pick up and deliver packages. Delivery blocks can range from 2 hours to more. To achieve this goal, we work with a network of small independent delivery service providers and the community of independent contractors. The Amazon Flex app is the only source of information for drivers. Postmates is another company that is part of the gig economy by employing many temporary drivers. Here are some comparisons: Before you are hired as an independent contractor, Accurate Background checks your driving records and makes sure you haven`t had any moving violations. Your criminal record will also be checked for the last 7 years. Background checks for new Amazon drivers are done by a company called Accurate Background. Doordash jobs pay a flat fee, which ranges from $6 to $10 per delivery.

Depending on what`s available when you sign up on the site, you should earn between $10 and $16 an hour. You can keep tips on top of your hourly wage. For a secondary activity, flexible jobs give you the opportunity to earn more than you would earn in a typical part-time job. You will earn more than the minimum wage. In the Flex program, drivers receive their earnings by being paid through the Amazon Flex app. A driver receives direct deposits to an Amazon Flex debit card twice a week. Here`s a basic list to help you get started as an independent contractor, Amazon Flex pilot: Your block is your block – even if you`re an entrepreneur, you`re responsible for the availability to get the job done on a daily basis. Before you continue, make sure Amazon Flex delivery routes are available in your area. Itineraries are currently available in 13 cities. Amazon is constantly expanding as it recruits drivers. The app is also a great resource, especially for new drivers.

There are many tutorials that cover all the factors that play a role as a delivery driver. If you have any further questions, you can contact an Amazon Flex representative. See the list under Each available delivery block includes an estimate of how long it will take to make deliveries to customers and how much money a driver will earn per hour. The remuneration varies according to the block. The main tasks performed by the app are: keep track of the items that need to be delivered, record deliveries by location, and send money to the drivers. No vehicle? In some regions, an Amazon Flex delivery person may use a bicycle. The bike must have a basket and the cyclist must wear a helmet. No bicycles, motorcycles or motorized scooters are allowed. After downloading the app, a new Amazon Flex driver must complete the sign-in tutorial. If you`re having trouble downloading the app or navigating the tutorial, call 888-281-6906 9-9 EST for more information.

With Postmates, there is no fixed schedule for the work. You log in to the website whenever you are available. The app has many menu options. All questions can be answered. If you are there, you can get immediate answers to your questions. In a way, yes. You select the blocks if they are available. And the blocks are usually set so that deliveries are made within a certain time frame. At Postmates, freelancers typically earn between $10 and $18 an hour. You can keep tips in addition to your hourly earnings. . You will not receive a refund for wearing equipment on your car.

Auto insurance requirements include: liability, uninsured or underinsured motorists, as well as comprehensive coverage and collision insurance. Take pictures of the deliveries and prove that the packages have been left in the right place. Your Android or iPhone must work with version 6.0 or later. You must have at least 2 GB of RAM. Your phone should have a camera with flash and should also be able to use GPS navigation. So, when choosing a block, choose the times that suit you best. Pick up packages at an Amazon delivery station (pickup location) near you. The station can be a warehouse. You complete each block by making deliveries to customers. You use the Amazon app to access customers. The background check usually takes 2 to 5 days. Fash door, when it is most commonly used for food orders.

The app also allows you to navigate to a full menu of short training videos designed to help new employees. You may need to increase your insurance coverage to a higher level than you currently have. You can get money from the debit card at ATMs. You can use the card to make a deposit to your bank account. So even if you don`t get paid for gasoline, it`s possible to make up the difference when you file tax returns. Currently, Amazon Flex is available in: Atlanta, New York (Brooklyn and Manhattan), Portland (Oregon), Virginia Beach, Austin, Dallas, Miami, San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles (Irvine and Hawthorne), Orlando and Tampa Bay. The “best” blocks near your best pickup location may already be occupied. Your block is your block. You will get acquainted with the area and the work. Once you have claimed the site, it belongs to you as long as you have completed the work.

Home deliveries can also be made on foot, by bike or by car. As with Postmates, there is no requirement for the size of the vehicle. Of course, don`t choose delivery if it doesn`t fit in your car. . When the packages are delivered, take a photo and upload the image to the app. This way, there is a record of deliveries in the block(s) you have completed. When you make purchases with the Amazon Flex debit card, you receive cash back. Or you can use the card to get money. You don`t need a large delivery vehicle; You can use your car in most cases if it is large enough to hold the packages. With the Amazon debit card, you have access to special Amazon discounts and earn cash back. Expansions for Seattle, Detroit, Worcester, Massachusetts, Boise, Idaho, and other New York City neighborhoods are underway. Deliveries are charged with a flat rate and a fuel consumption rate.

If you`re a self-disciplined freelancer who loves a schedule, this is a great way to make extra money. . Amazon Flex is a delivery program that is essentially Amazon`s freelancer. Drivers pick up and deliver packages with their own vehicles. Packages are picked up at delivery stations. As long as you keep mileage records, you can claim gas costs when you file tax returns. You can also claim certain related costs. . It is estimated that each block takes about an hour to make deliveries. Blocks are usually offered in minimum 2 (Prime Now and Amazon Fresh) or 3 hours. Amazon`s roles in transportation are evolving rapidly and require leaders to innovate, taking into account the company`s overall image and long-term goals.

Expansion and growth are particularly relevant to the work of our transportation teams, who have programs, enter emerging markets and are fortunate to leave a sustainable presence. The Amazon app is pretty simple. It has a menu of components. Deliveries can be made on foot, by car or by bike. Work with a smile and know that you make money when deliveries are complete. Want to learn more about how to work at Amazon Transportation Services? More information can be found here. Amazon Flex debit card is accepted at more than 19,000 ATMs. You can transfer money from the debit card to your bank account. Prime Now and Amazon Fresh blocks are usually 2-4 hour blocks. blocks are usually blocks of 3 to 6 hours. Use the Amazon application to find one or more blocks available for deployment. Using the app is like interacting with a supervisor. Once you have an Amazon Flex debit card, you`ll have access to discounts. You also “earn” points for each block you deliver. .