On our website Dardebaja.ar we provide you with the right tools to easily terminate your contract with the company, read our article on how to unsubscribe from ADT so that you can meet your needs. In the unsubscribe note, it is important to include the first and last name, the document, the customer number and the reason why you will request the cancellation. If we do not receive a response within 24 hours, we recommend that you call the Customer Service Center on 0810-555-1008 or the online chat in the unsubscribe request, you must provide your personal information as the owner and the reason for the termination of the contract. The company is committed to providing alarm services to private and professional customers. It is very popular in its industry, is recognized and has a good track record. When you send an email, we must not only indicate that we need to cancel the service, but also indicate our name, documents, customer number and the address of the installation team in the email ADT is a company dedicated to alarm and monitoring service for homes and businesses and has extensive experience in the security sector. If you are an ADT customer but wish to terminate your contract, you have the option to unsubscribe from their services via different forms. One of the ways in which you can manage the termination of ADT is through its social networks of Facebook and Twitter, in order to cancel your subscription you must send an internal message so that an executive can process your request, it is necessary that you attach a copy of your ID showing the ownership of the service. ADT has several ways to opt out of service online, by phone or in person at one of the public`s commercial offices.

Below we will tell you what are the different options we have to deal with the low point of ADT alarms effectively and quickly. Another way to process your cancellation is to send an email to the address ar.clientes@adt-worldwide.com requesting the cancellation of the ADT service by means of a letter accompanied by the following documents: 12 | ADT maintenance service.- The maintenance service has monthly costs that are the responsibility of the customer and can be subsidized provided that he does not withdraw this request before one year of validity. If the customer has not entrusted ADT with the maintenance service, repairs for the use and/or wear of the equipment will be invoiced taking into account the time and materials used at ADT`s service rates depending on the time of repair. This will be communicated in advance. The maintenance service is provided on weekdays and during the hours from 09:00 to 17:30, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays and public holidays, as soon as the customer informs ADT that there is a problem with the equipment and within the time indicated by ADT. The maintenance service includes the free technical visit. Repair or replacement of equipment is not included. Under no circumstances does the maintenance service include the material or equipment that needs to be replaced. Any additional service will be invoiced according to the current rate communicated to the customer and accepted before the provision. Replacement or repair services depend on the availability of technical service personnel and the required original component. If the original component is not available, ADT can replace it with a product with similar functionality.

The maintenance service is not a preventive or annual inspection service. 13 | Emergency procedure.- Forward procedure: “Flight alarm” signal. ADT calls the monitored address. If the person answering the correct keyword does not ask for help, ADT records the alarm signal in its systems, but does not call the police or any of the other contacts that appear in the PIEP. If there is no answer, the phone is busy, or the answering person does not identify with the keyword, ADT will do its best to notify the police and the emergency number listed in the PIEP. “Fire alarm” signal. ADT will call the monitored address. If the answering machine confirms the alarm signal, ADT will make every effort to inform the competent authority. If there is no response, ADT will do its best to notify the police. ADT calls the numbers listed on the PIEP to inform of this alarm signal. The call by fire signal is made in accordance with the regulations of the local fire department. The ADT “Medical Emergency” signal calls the monitored address by phone.

If the person responding confirms the alarm signal, ADT will make every effort to notify the emergency medical service. If there is no response, ADT will make every effort to alert numbers that appear in the PIEP only once to inform of this alarm signal. Once the defendant has been informed of the event, ADT is no longer obliged to attempt to call another number listed in the PIEP. The “Assault Alarm” sign and the ADT “Ambush Code” sign will do its best to notify the police and the emergency number listed in the PIEP. ADT does not call the monitored address. ADT calls the numbers that appear on the PIEP only once to inform them of this alarm signal. Once one of the contacts responds and is notified of the event, ADT has no additional obligation to try to call another number that appears in the PIEP. 14 | Equipment regime.- The equipment is the exclusive property of ADT. Unless expressly stated, this document or the technical service order that the Customer purchases the Equipment assumes that the Equipment has been delivered on loan. The device must be at the same monitored address and the same location where it was installed. Any removal, transfer or modification of these by unilateral decision – such as.

B a procedure of painting, modification, transformation – must be paid according to the ADT rates in force for these works. ADT will be able to program the device remotely, either at the customer`s request or at ADT`s decision. 3 | Rental equipment.- ADT delivers the rental equipment to the customer under the following conditions: in this way you can certainly request the cancellation, although it is more efficient to do it via your phone. You can also contact a physical office to process the cancellation of the contracted service, there are contracts that have a minimum duration, in these cases it is recommended to send your cancellation request by fax to the 917227618 with your customer number and id. To unsubscribe from an ADT system or service, you must contact them. You have several options to do this: you must enter the ADT virtual office with the customer number and password to unsubscribe from the online service. Once you are in the customer area, you can select the unsubscribe request option by filling out the form with all your personal data. Print all the emails you have sent to the company requesting THE CANCELLATION OF THE SERVICE and go to CONSUMER DEFENSE with it, this way you can unsubscribe or hire a lawyer.

HAPPINESS FOR ALL The contract agreed with ADT is indefinite, but you can manage the termination of the service without specifying the reasons at the time the customer considers it, by which it is important to send the written notification of the request from the virtual office of ADT, which will receive the www.adtargentina.com.ar Within 24 hours, a response will be received, By mail When this period has passed, you need to call the customer service center or ask for the attention of an executive through internal messages, you must also write a cancellation letter with your name, customer number and ID. The unpaid invoices and this document are sufficient to demand payment of the sums due before the courts. If there are unpaid invoices from previous periods at the time of payment, ADT will first allocate the payment to the cancellation of interest, late fees and collection costs and the remaining amount of the principal due. 08 | Taxes and other expenses.- All costs, fees, taxes, fees or other items that do not correspond to the price and may be incurred during the term of the contract will be transferred to the customer. ADT will notify you 30 days in advance, by means of a note in the billing and / or by e-mail. If the customer does not agree, he may request the cancellation of the service within 15 days of receipt of the notification. .