Since the estimated value of a GSA scale exceeds $191,000, all sales of GSA products must comply with the Trade Agreements Act (TAA) under FAR 52 225-5. To comply with the TAA, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) assumes that 50% of the manufacturing costs or the place where the product is “substantially processed” comes from a taa destination country. *FAR 52.225-5 (rating: June 2019); Federal Procurement Regulations, Trade Agreement. The countries designated by the TAA are regularly updated and can be found here: FAR Clause-52.225-5. As shown in our table below, if a product is manufactured in China, Indonesia, Malaysia or Sri Lanka, you may be allowed to sell it, but only to the VA with a required waiver. Territories owned by the United States are TAA compliant, so American Samoa, the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands are compliant countries. Unfortunately, FAR 52.225-5 does not list Mauritius as a non-TAA compliant region. In addition, the African Growth and Opportunity Act does not appear to be on the list of agreements that will bring Mauritius into compliance with the TAA. The Trade Agreements Act changes regularly. Please visit our website as we try to keep this page up to date with TAA compliant countries. Jerry, we are no exception specifically known for Cisco. You may want to contact them directly. Here are some links that can help you: (b) the delivery of the final products.

The Commissioner noted that the WTO GPA and free trade agreements apply to this acquisition. Unless otherwise specified, these trade agreements shall apply to all items in the Annex. Under this Agreement, the Contractor will only supply finished products of the country manufactured or designated in the United States, unless it has specified in its offer the supply of other finished goods in the provision entitled “Certificate of Trade Agreement”. Patrick, I`m glad you like our site! TAA countries are those that have trade agreements with the United States. Joint NATO is not a trade agreement that could confer the status of designated country taA. However, the EU currently has trade agreements with the US and, therefore, all members are TAA compliant countries. We will continue to review the various sources listed at the end of this blog to maintain our list of TAA designated countries. Another thing to keep in mind is: a substantial transformation. If you check whether your product has been “partially manufactured” in a country and substantially converted in a country designated by the TAA, it could still be considered TAA compliant. Good luck! Yes, it is possible to obtain a Non-Availability Determination (ATR) from your contract agent and only applies to the federal VA Supply Scale.

Specific requirements of the FSS AV as follows:. (1) General Note 3(c), products eligible for special tariff treatment. Hello, we buy SKD kits in Turkey and do the assembly in Poland. However, one of the components is the most expensive, and its origin is China. Since we carry out the final assembly in Poland, can we say that this product complies with the TAA standard? If you provide services through your GSA schedule, the TAA may also apply to you; but this is not always the case. The question of how the TAA is applicable to services is complex […] Like what. Food supplements and dietary supplements fall under the VA`s 65 I B Pharmaceutical and Drug Federal Supply Schedule. Trade agreements are currently fully effective and this product must come from an approved TAA country. Thank you for your interest.

Is a TAA compliance requirement required for a dietary supplement? for example; Market sales and pharmacy sales While what should we do, we have the possibility to obtain a TAA certificate of conformity for the company (3) watches and watch parts (including cases, bracelets and bracelets) of any kind, including, but not limited to, mechanical, digital quartz color or quartz analogues, if these watches or watch parts contain material that is the product of a country for which the Tariff List Harmonized United States (HTSUS) Column 2 Tariffs apply (i.e., Afghanistan, Cuba, Laos, North Korea and Vietnam); and…